Tax Could Ensnare Medical Device Industry
Tax Could Ensnare Medical Device Industry …

When a 2.3% excise tax on all Medical Devices sold in the United States went into effect in 2013, Checkpoint Surgical was just getting started with its intra-operative nerve stimulators, used to locate and assess nerves during surgery

AUGUST 21, 20177
New surgical technique makes prosthetic limbs feel real
New surgical technique makes prosthetic limbs feel real …

MIT researchers have developed a new surgical technique that makes prosthetic limbs feel like real limbs. It could also help reduce the rejection rate of prosthetic limbs

JUNE 7, 2017
Global Medical Device Technologies
Global Medical Device Technologies Market Anticipated to Grow Steadily at a CAGR of 4.6% During 2017 to 2025…

Report provides market size in terms of US$ Mn for each segment for the period from 2015 to 2025, considering the macro and micro environmental factors

August 2017
Philips Picks Up Peripheral Thrombectomy
Philips Picks Up Peripheral Thrombectomy Device Maker CardioProlific  …

Royal Philips (NYSE:PHG) last week said it paid an unspecified amount to acquire stealthy CardioProlific and the peripheral thrombectomy catheters it’s developing. Philips said the deal for Hayward, Calif.-based CardioProlific is complementary to its $2.16 billion acquisitionof Spectranetics (NSDQ:SPNC) and its own line of image-guided therapies

Jul 2017
Warning from FDA: St. Jude Pacemaker Vulnerable to Hackers
Warning from FDA: St. Jude Pacemaker Vulnerable to Hackers…

When Vice President Dick Cheney asked his cardiologist to replace his WiFi-connected pacemaker with one without internet capability in 2007, assassination through Medical Device hacking seemed far-fetched. But this week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that almost half a million pacemakers made by Abbott are vulnerable to hackers

5 Reasons Why Doctors Are Considering Artificial Disc Replacement
5 Reasons Why Doctors Are Considering Artificial Disc Replacement Over Cervical Fusions …

Cervical fusions are often considered the best and sometimes only treatment option for patients with spinal disc degeneration. When the cartilage disc between the vertebra disintegrates or starts to degenerate, the two vertebra are fused together to prevent the two pieces of bone from rubbing against each other when the patient moves. While this can help prevent the pain normally associated with spinal disc problems, it presents a number of problems of its own — complications including reduced spinal flexibility are common

JUNE 27, 2017


2107 Medical Device Conferences

MD & M West Original source

MD&M West
Original source:

Join the World's Largest Annual Medtech Event. Medtech moves fast. For 32 years, MD&M West has helped take Medical Devices from concept to market by uniting cutting-edge technology with the industry's foremost minds

February 7-9, 2017 - Anaheim, CA
MedTech Conference 2017 @MedTechCon

MedTech Conference 2017 @MedTechCon Original source:

Connect with thousands of medtech professionals, engage in business development opportunities, learn about the latest innovative technology, and network with policymakers, industry leaders, and executives at The MedTech Conference

September 25-September 27 San Jose, CA
Minnesota MedTech Week@MDM Events

Minnesota MedTech Week@MDM Events Original source:

Minnesota MedTech Week is the result of LifeScience Alley and MD&M Minneapolis teaming up to create the must-attend MedTech event of 2017. Attendees will discover new technologies “changing the healthtech industry as we know it,” as they network with colleagues and experts, network and discuss at the expo, and learn at the conference

Nov 8-Nov 9 Minneapolis, MN
BioOhio Annual Conference and 30th Anniversary Celebration

BioOhio Annual Conference and 30th Anniversary Celebration
Original source:

Since 1988, BioOhio has held an Annual Conference to spotlight trends in Ohio’s growing bioscience industry. As BioOhio enters its 30th year, we extend a special thank you to all of our attendees, speakers, sponsors and supporters for making past conferences so enjoyable

April 23-24, 2017 Cleveland, OH
AAMI 2017 Conference & Expo

AAMI 2017 Conference & Expo
Original source:

AAMI 2017 is the premier conference for healthcare technology management. It is attended by more than 2,300 biomedical equipment technicians, clinical engineers, and others who manage or support Medical Devices for healthcare institutions 

June 9-22, 2017 Austin, TX
MD&M East

MD&M East
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The MD&M East Expo and Conference is the largest, most important and comprehensive medical manufacturing event on the East Coast. It’s the gathering point for more than 500 leading medtech suppliers and manufacturers, including 3M, Abbott, The Tech Group, Phillips-Medisize, and Stratasys. Your pass gives you direct access to them all!

June 13-15, 2017 New York, NY